Where I am now…

“How is your diabetes going?”

My most hated question…  Not because I don’t want to tell people about it but because it’s so vague and overly simplified.  I get asked this sort of question all the time…  at the opticians, by friends, at the diabetic clinic, getting a flu jab, by people I’ve just told that I have diabetes… the list goes on.

But what time-frame are they talking – this week, the past few months, today?  Are they referring to my blood sugar levels on average?  Do they mean am I having many hypos?  Are they asking whether I’m remembering to take my injections?  Do they mean are my carb:insulin ratios working for me?  Are they talking about mental health?  Your health, mentality and blood sugar levels fluctuate from hour to hour and there are so many components to type 1 diabetes that this question simply does not work.

My response?  Normally “Yeah, fine” or “My levels are a bit high at the moment”.  I have absolutely no problem with friends asking me this, it’s quite nice if anything, but when it’s a health care professional (HCP), it’s pretty pointless.

Anyway, I diverge.  How IS my diabetes going?  To be perfectly honest, not well.  My levels are all over the place; my hbA1C has been high for years and it’s taking a toll on my health.  I feel exhausted a lot of the time and just generally run down, the damage to my eyes is starting to show and last year I sought help from my GP for my mental health.  Because of this, I am determined to get my levels on track but as of yet, I don’t know how to.  I go through phases of trying to keep a food diary, change insulin ratios, testing two hours after eating, etc but after a while when I’m putting all the effort in and it’s making no noticeable difference, this fizzles out.  I think that I need a different attitude, approach and more support from HCPs, more frequent clinic visits but this is easier said than done.  I will keep the blog updated though!

For Diabetes Awareness Month, I will be following the topics of my fave book Balancing Diabetes by Kerri Sparling.  This includes blood sugar balancing, work, moving away from home, and much more.  Get your blue on for November and raise some awareness 😉

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