Photo diary: France, February 2016 – Paris and Dijon

The great thing about having so many friends and family living abroad, is having so many places to visit.  The bad thing is not enough time/money to see everyone!
At Christmas time (2015), Ross and I decided to book a trip to visit Lynn in Dijon.  It was my first ever time visiting France.  I arrived in Paris on the Wednesday afternoon, with Ross flying out to meet us on Thursday night.1

Lynn met me at the airport and after checking into our hotel, we went for a wander around Paris.  We walked along the river and saw the Eiffel Tower.  It was so beautiful!  I always expect these things to be overrated but after seeing thousands of pictures of it, it was pretty surreal to finally see it in reality.  We got a crepe with Nutella (when in Rome!) and walked some more.  All the buildings and cafes were so pretty, I had to refrain from taking 1 million photographs!   We walked up the along the Champs-Elysées, past all the designer shops and saw the Arc De Triumph.



We then took the Metro to a random stop to find somewhere to eat and luckily we seemed to end up in Paris Chinatown.  We had a lovely meal on a quiet little street then bar hopped.  We had so much catching up to do so plenty of wine and cocktails were required. 🙂

Day 2 – we got up fairly early and had some breakfast at our hotel (we just stayed at a cheapo Ibis but it was an easy location to get round Paris) then we headed to Sacré-Cœur, which I ignorantly had never heard of but is absolutely stunning!  The streets around that area were lovely to wander and we got some ice cream and had a look through a wee market.

We then jumped back on the Metro and went for a walk around the Hotel de Ville, visited the Notre Dame and wandered the Latin Quarter.  The Notre Dame was beautiful and the park outside it is lovely for a break from all the walking!  The Latin Quarter had been recommended by my sister who said it was really nice just to walk round all the streets, but we actually got quite confused trying to find it, before deciding we were already in it!!



We wandered around for AGES here being our indecisive selves trying to find something for lunch before settling on a crepe place – fab choice!  It was a really good deal for two courses and a cider or apple juice.  Savoury crepe starer and sweet crepe pudding.  So yummy!

In the late afternoon we headed for Tour Montparnasse.  It’s a tower where you go up to the 57th floor with incredible panoramic views of Paris.  I would never have heard of it, if it wasn’t for reading Easyjet magazine on the way over which had a guide of what to do for Valentine’s Day in Paris (being the February edition – cringe 🙂 ).  I didn’t think it was very well advertised but so glad we found it!  We picked late afternoon so that we saw it in the daylight and the dark too, as well as the beautiful sunset.  We sat and had a bottle of red wine up there as we watched the sun went down – so romantic me and Lynn are!  My photos don’t do it justice at all.



Next on the agenda was pizza and wine then back to our hotel to await ROSS’ ARRIVAL 🙂

Next morning, the three of us were up at the crack of dawn for our train to Dijon.  Lynn took us to her lovely flat and then we went on a wander through the town.

There were so many pretty buildings in Dijon – even the post office was beautiful! It all looked very typically French.  Later that night we headed to a lovely park full of animals 🙂

We cooked tea and ate in that night to save some money for a well earned night out that night 🙂  All the cocktails, tequila and dancing!
The next morning we were supposed to be going up a tower with a lovely view of Dijon, but the hangover said no!  We finished our trip with some more exploring and a lovely little restaurant that was basically just cheese and tatties – just what the doctor ordered!  🙂


Loved my first trip to France and would definitely like to go back and see some more of it…

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