Photo Diary: Norway, May 2016 – Oslo and Kragerø

In May last year, Ewan and I, went to Norway to visit my new nephew, Liam, for the first time.  He was born the 29th March, little brother to Lukas.

We booked flights to Oslo from Edinburgh with Norwegian air.  After getting the bus through to Edinburgh our flight ended up getting cancelled, until the next morning.  We were put up in a lovely hotel in Edinburgh and ended up getting flight compensation (which paid for our next flights to Poland!) but we missed out on some of our time in Oslo.

The plan was two nights in Oslo and cramming a full itinerary in, before getting the bus to Kragerø, where my brother stays.  When we finally made it to Oslo, we stayed in this lovely studio apartment which we found on airbnb.  You can find it here.     We were meant to stay for 2 nights, but ended up being one due to the flight cancellation.  The apartment was beautiful and really handy for town.  I would love to stay again and definitely recommend it.

Because we lost most of our time in Oslo, we didn’t do a huge amount while we were there.  It was a sunny day though so we walked a lot, took some pictures and explored the beautiful city.  Definitely a city I’d love to go back to…  We then did some shopping – I was delighted to find a Monki store there – and then went for dinner and cocktails.  It was quite early when we headed back to the apartment to watch Netflix and drink countless Nespresso coffees, before getting an early night for our bus journey to Kragerø.



The next morning, we went for a coffee near our apartment and a walk down by the harbour then headed to the bus station.  My brother, Kevin, warned us of two things about the bus journey – 1. the doors in the bus station won’t open to let you on the bus, but don’t panic, the driver will come and open them.  2. If you get off the bus on the toilet/refreshment stop and you’re not back at the exact time you were told to be, the driver will leave you stranded.  We saw it happen to a girl, in the middle of nowhere, with over an hour until the next bus and her belongings on the bus that left you!


We arrived in Kragerø and saw Kevin and Annika’s beautiful home, which they’ve built, for the first time, and most importantly, met Liam!  He is perfect.  It was so good to see him and Lukas and I saw such a difference on Lukas since the last time I saw them.


Our time in Kragerø included lots of walks, lots of nice food cooked by Kevin & Annika and LOTS of bouncing on the trampoline with Lukas. 🙂  We were really lucky with the weather while we were there and Kevin & Annika’s house and garden is such a nice space, so we spent a lot of time outside reading books, playing with Lukas and taking Liam for walks.  The sea view from their house is incredible as well, perfect to watch the sunset with a beer.


Kevin and Annika don’t actually live in the town of Kragerø, but in the pennisula of Stabbestad, a 10 minute ferry journey from Kragerø.  It is very small and has beautiful views of Kragerø, a popular golf course, a spa and hotel resort.  A short drive away is Portør, where we went for a walk on one of our warmest days and played and paddled in the rock pools with Lukas.


It was Norway’s national day during our trip which great to see.  It celebrates Norway becoming an independent country, from Sweden, on May 17th, 1814.  There are parades all over the country, people wear national dress and there is lots of food and drink (it was on this trip I realised how many hotdogs, or “Pølse” they eat in Norway!).  We went to a parade in Kragerø which Annika and Lukas took part in, followed by going to Lukas’ school where they had another mini parade for the children.


It was so nice to see Kevin, Annika, Lukas and Liam and such a great trip.  It’s great to know we can go back anytime and flights are relatively cheap.  Next time I’d love to go in the height of summer when there are more seasonal things open in Kragerø.  I’d also love to visit Oslo for a bit longer, and see some other parts of Norway.




2 thoughts on “Photo Diary: Norway, May 2016 – Oslo and Kragerø

  1. We too were only in Oslo for a short time and only saw the fortress and some parts of the city, But we did get to the Nobel institute though and walked through a gallery of laureates! Interesting that you mentioned about the bus leaving on the dot. Seems like northern European countries have the same practice!


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